Top Rated Creative Ways of How Companies Are Using Snapchat

13 May 2018   |   by Aiman Fahad   |   Digital Marketing

Snapchat was officially introduced in the year 2011, it has been 7 years to its invention and since then, it has evolved dramatically and magically both. Few experts suggest that just like Instagram took over Facebook’s place at being the favorite app, Snapchat is rapidly taking over Instagram now, as well. It is making progress in such a way that keeps the industry always on its toes. It started off with the amazing idea of 24/7 stories for being updated with your friend’s activity to watching them live, an impressive use of the simple augmented reality, to the clever filters and lenses, as the company itself recorded for about trillions of snaps in 2017. Fun fact; that is almost more than all the pictures combined taken from smartphones in the world and that stats is crazy!

Snapchat does not really think of its own self as a social networking company, but in fact, it considers itself more like a camera company. Snapchat is all about the audience that is expressive and likes to express their feelings and their day in terms of photographs, communicate through videos in a much lighthearted way. Companies that want to gain recognition through Snapchat must take their business a bit less seriously and start thinking creatively. We have listed down some top ten companies and their snapchat marketing creative campaigns they have done to bring joy to their customers.

On the National Donut Day, Dunkin’ Donuts turns its fans into Sprinkle-Inhaling Donuts

Snap-Chat lenses provide super creative opportunities for brands to show character and for fans the shared value of the visual experience. While many other companies have tested their hand on an intelligent lens, the Dunkin 'Donut Donut' lens brought a smile to this local writer, for sure.

As it is all about the Donuts, so the National Donuts day is quite a big day for the company itself, annually. It was a humorous lens that turns your head into a giant pink donut inhaling sprinkles all over, it just makes you smile. When it was compared to the other activities of Dunkin Donuts that also included an influencer takeover on the entire snapchat, along with custom filters that could be accessed via the “Snap to Unlock” feature. That day, the company gained at least ten times more Snapchat followers on National Donut Day than their local average monthly followers. Even till this date, it remains the highest Snapchat story for the brand up to date.

The new face of recruitment: McDonald’s Snaplications

Looking to hire a millennial or perhaps somebody from the Generation Z? You can grab a McDonald’s playbook and recruit them through a platform they spend most of their time at; Snapchat. The whole campaign originally started in Australia, where McDonald’s officially took this initiative. Now, the recruitment part was that the Snapchat filter copied the employees’ uniform and asked them to record a 10 second video on how excited they were about the entire job opportunity.

This initiative was not only magically successful, it also grabbed global attention and interest, urging even the United States to launch the Snaplications for United States McDonalds. The United States introduced it during summers and between that hiring period, McDonald’s witnessed a 35 percent increase in application flow and 30 percent increase in their organic traffic to the careers page due to the Snaplications marketing campaign. However, only 3% of US recruiters use snapchat, could this be the start of some new era? Why not!

The Turning Point for Influencers: Sprite offers influencers a premium Snapcode

The next round goes to Sprite, Sprite gave a turning point and the biggest opportunity to influencers. It was a chance to have their Snapcodes featured upon the Sprite cans sold across the country; YES! It was generally termed as “RFRSH NA LATA”, “refresh on the can” in English. All the fans could enter in it by simply registering their Snapcode on a microsite. In order to raise awareness and make the whole campaign more successful, Sprite did a partnership with 15 influential Brazilian Snapchat stars to print their snap code on cans, it was an effort which tripled many of the influencers fan bases enormously, just during two week period.

However, featuring celebrities or famous people on advertisements or on packages is not something entirely new, but snapchat used it creatively and showed the cooler side of it, through their snap codes. The entire campaign gained over two million views just in a day and gave millennial audience a new reason to enjoy the sprit the Sprite.

Netflix gives fandom an immersive experience for Stranger Things totally redefines the impossible

Now, this was one of the most amazing and innovative Snapchat marketing campaign any company would have done! It came from Netflix’s Stranger Things. This was the first ever 3D Lens, Netflix originally created some virtual portal, which allowed the users to enter Joyce Byers’ eerie damn living room, yes! Once you were inside the living room, fans were allowed to press different aspects of room and have a look around by roaming, which was from the couch to the fairy lights to the torn wallpaper. This ad was live only for one day, it inspired many fans of the show and marketers that they can have such experiences on Snapchat, regarding their favorite show. Thus, Snapchat leads and continues to shows people and give experiences for Virtual reality, now people are expecting much more and looking for stuff beyond. Hope that others companies also uses such geniuses and produce such great immersive experiences.


Snapchat has been full of surprises since forever! Every day when you open it for some new snap, there is some new exciting filter that just makes you happy. And the marketers even more happy. Looking for more aren’t you? With your next marketing campaign, do not forget to keep Snapchat in your mind with some crazy new filters and experiences for users.